Achieving Patient Financial Clearance: Understanding Claim Denials and Preventing Revenue Leakage within Patient Access

08.02.18 • Webinars • 3:00 PM EST

Presenter: David Mistkawi, Vice President, Access Management Solutions

Overwhelmingly, the most common reasons for claim denials are registration and eligibility errors. Lack of coverage on services, claims that are not medically necessary, lack of pre-authorization and missing information work together to inhibit revenue cycle collections. To reduce the identified dollars at risk from patient access-related denials or rejections, we need to “flip the pyramid” in the revenue cycle. Patient access must focus, more than ever, on patient financial clearance. In other words, at the point of service, at the latest, patient access needs to have clarity on how, when, and from whom they will receive the revenue for the services provided. The stakes are high, but the opportunities are great to embrace automated, integrated, rule-based workflow solutions to address revenue leakage.

Attendees will learn…

  1. Revenues at risk due to patient access processes
  2. The primary culprits of patient access-related denials
  3. Proper focus on processes, procedures and tools to reduce revenue leakage

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