Deborah Short Rodrick

Chief Outcomes Officer

Deborah currently serves as Chief Outcomes Officer. Deborah has held the title of Executive Vice President of Client Services, EDI, Implementation and Chief Operating Officer at SSI. Prior to joining SSI in 1986, she served as Director of Information Systems for Springhill Memorial Hospital and prior to Springhill Medical Center she worked at the University of South Alabama’s Computer Servicing Department. Deborah holds a dual Bachelor of Science degree in Computer and Information Science and Statistics. She also earned a double Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology and Sociology from the University of South Alabama.

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James M. Lyons
President and Chief Executive Officer

Deborah Short Rodrick
Chief Outcomes Officer

Eric Nilsson
Chief Technology Officer

Mike Freeman
Chief Growth Officer

Tom Turi
Chief Payer Officer

Mark Blossom
Chief Data Operations Officer

Jay Colfer
Chief Operating Officer

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