Healthcare Payers and Value-Based Care for Hospitals

Value-based care in hospitals has healthcare payers energized, but is it paying off yet? We found one recent study that says it is, while still another study says it is not. But the push for value-based care continues. Will 2018 be the decisive year as insurance companies continue to drive for the healthcare value measurement?

Ambulatory Surgery Centers Increase in Value-Based Care Era

Ambulatory centers for healthcare are in higher demand as patients seek out convenient and cost-effective medicine options. Healthcare organizations stand to benefit by opening more ambulatory surgery centers and urgent care clinics, as they are compatible with the new value-based payment model of healthcare. 

Hospitals and Value Based Healthcare Strategies

There is both uncertainty and emerging optimism for hospitals and value-based healthcare.  Revenue cycle managers worry that this erodes hospital profits. But some hospital revenue cycle teams are embracing the new value model and finding solutions in analytics, end-to-end systems, and even telemedicine.

Hospital Value Based Payments Update

Hospitals can’t afford not to provide value based care. But what if care can extend beyond the discharge of a patient? We examine this and other questions in our update on hospital value based payments.

What Do Healthcare Consumers Really Want?

What do healthcare consumers want? That answer will go a long way toward solving the patient satisfaction puzzle. We take a look at a number of recent surveys to hunt for clues.

What Do Value-Based Payments Look Like in 2018?

Initiatives towards value-based healthcare payments had a stall in 2017 due to new CMS updates and a focus on possible ACA repeal. How will value-based healthcare initiatives take shape in 2018?

Healthcare Compliance: What it Costs and How It’s Done

Healthcare organizations have a mounting responsibility when it comes to regulatory compliance. However, is adherence taking up valuable patient time? Furthermore, what does this concerted effort cost? Sources reveal answers to these questions.

Healthcare Claim Denials on the Rise

Why do payers continue to deny 20% of claims payments to hospitals as they struggle to keep revenue cycles more profitable? Baby boomers are moving into their Medicare coverage phase. There are flaws in the Office of the Inspector General audits of hospitals, as alleged by the American Hospital Association.  Regulations are increasing. We take a look at the current situation and some creative solutions