Health System Mergers: Why Hospitals Won’t Stop Merging

When it comes to health system mergers, we always wonder if bigger is better. Some of our hospital clients think so. Some do not. But mergers are continuing in 2018, so we thought we’d take another look at the trend and some industry analysis.

Hospital Mergers, Health Plans, and Trust Issues

In a time of increasing hospital mergers and health plan jitters, will executives be able to work together? There’s that trust factor. And beyond that, will the Federal Government continue to block and slow the merger mania?

Excessive Healthcare Costs Burden Hospitals

Excessive healthcare costs continue in the United States. What can be done about it? While administrative burdens do suggest a single payer solution, there are other factors that can help, including pricing transparency and pharmaceutical prices. Why are there so many unneeded medical tests being performed?

Ambulatory Surgery Center Financial Outlook and Structure

What is the outlook for industry growth of outpatient centers in coming years? How are these surgery clinics structured? Who owns them? Join us as we seek answers to these questions and more from industry thought leaders. We also share the insider secret to boosting your ambulatory surgery center financial performance.

Ambulatory Surgery Procedures Improve in Quality and Price Transparency

Will outpatient surgery centers be the new “normal” trend in healthcare? It looks like the answer to that question is, “yes”! As more patients seek out this option for care, ambulatory surgery procedures are improving with policies to decrease infection and wrong-site procedures, and increase price transparency.

The Healthcare Payer Situation in 2017

What will be the fate of the Affordable Healthcare Act under the new administration?  A look at The Healthcare Payer Situation early this year finds mergers blocked and a great deal of uncertainty about the exchanges.